The Man who Outgrew

This is the story of the man who outgrew.

His brother, father, and mother,

he outgrew.

His friends at first liked it,

he was always picked first,

but as he grew taller,

seven feet, ten feet, twelve feet,

things changed for the worst.

The townspeople, confused,

thought only a monster could he be.

They planned and they mused

deciding that he must flee.

So one day they found him,

sitting all alone,

and they told him the news

and chased him out of his home.

So he ran and he ran

till he could run no more,

his legs all stiff and feet all sore.

He looked around,

and what could there be?

Nothing but trees

as far as he could see!

The trees were majestic

and tall with might.

Finally there was something

that could measure up to his height!

So he stayed with the trees

for such a long time

that at last he was accepted

as one of their kind.

He slept on those branches

till his bones were so old

that when he could go no longer,

the trees made him one of their own.

And now his branches,

growing taller each year,

provide shelter for those travelers

that ever wander near.