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November 2013

By Tony Roberts

As someone who has experienced the effects of mental illness in my life and experienced the reaction of the church and it’s members to mental illness, we need more people and organizations like this. People and Christians who present the hope that can be found in mental illness through the redemption that can only come from Jesus and not just shaming them and telling them it’s a sin in their life.

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book cover 1

Having served in ministry with
madness, I now have a mission.
And I can use your help.


Help me share Delight in Disorder with the world.

Delight in Disorder is a resource we have long needed.
We all need to hear from people who have struggled with mental illness
and have found, indeed, that nothing can separate us from God’s great
and redeeming love. This book is honest about the experience of living
with bipolar disorder, and it’s full of compassion toward the many people
whose own moods betray them so treacherously. It’s also full of hope—
not the cheap kind we use to varnish over the truth about ourselves and
about this life we live. But the only kind of hope that can stand when
everything else falls: hope in Christ and his grace.
Amy Simpson— Author,
Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s…

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On Fairy Tale Endings

I’ve tried to forget, to run away

from your gaze that makes my heart sway.

I resigned myself to be content

to watch from afar and see your love spent. 


I thought I understood your looks,

but I have read too many books

of fairy tales and loves first kiss

to understand something was amiss.


I’ve seen how her eyes glow and shine

and now know that you can never be mine.

So I’ll be happy for you now,

but will always wonder how

you got the fairy tale ending

while I’m left reading the book. 

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