Life from Grace

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September 2015

Ocean Breezes


The air smells like you today,

crisp and salty, fresh off the ocean,

and it makes me remember the days

when the cool sand  squished beneath our toes.

I can’t remember those days though,

when we were young,

the sky was clearer,

and the sand squished beneath our toes.

I can’t remember those days though

because the skies are greyer now,

and the ocean waves are rising to take away

that sand that squished beneath our toes.

And now the storms are moving in stronger

and the waves pull you in deeper,

and I have to remember to cling to that feeling of

the sand that squished beneath our toes.

I have to remember

those sunny days though

to get through those stormy days

when the air smells like you.



Stillness, quite, breathe.
To find peace in the chaos
is to be at ease.

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