Life from Grace

Let's walk together for a while down this long road.



A breath of cool air

Up on this mountain,

up these 6000 feet,

there’s a slight breeze,

and the air is hard to breathe.


Up on this mountain,

the earth feels alive.

The sky may be dark,

but the stars shine bright.


Up on this mountain,

the breeze is cooler,

the stars are brighter,

and the world is quieter.


Up on this mountain,

I can finally breathe.


On Trees and Roots

Ever higher,

Ever deeper,

Ever growing,

Ever changing.

Striving for light,

Searching for water,

Making new life,

Freeing the old.

Withstanding the winds of time,

knowing each season, they can start anew.

La Silence 

Pendant la silence

je peux entendre le monde,

alors l’écoutons-nous. 

An Cúpla Focail

Leabhraím le saoirse,

teanga beo nach marbh.

Eisteacht agus cuimhnigh

mo cúpla focail.

A Force for Hope

I have battled darkness and came out unscathed.
I have wandered the night and not gotten lost.
I have disappeared across the horizon, but I always come again.

I am the candle beside the path when you can not see the way.
I am the bringer of warmth, and the nurturer of life.
I am waiting around bend when the night darkness has reached its peak,

Without me, the season’s do not change.
Without me, there are not shadows to lurk upon the ground.
Without me, the definition of darkness can not be found.

I am Light.

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Albus Dumbledore, JK Rowling.

Ode to Nature

I am a mountain.

My foundation is firm,

and I shall not be moved.

But inside me it is cold and drafty,

and the warmth never penetrates through.


I am a tree.

My roots run deep, anchoring me to the earth.

Weary traveler’s find rest under my shady leaves.

But when storms come,

their winds beat against my stiff branches

and I am left ragged.


I am a prairie.

The warmth of the sun brings me vitality,

and when the storms come,

I bend and I shake when their winds beat against me,

but I do not break.

If their winds take me,

then I travel the earth until I land

and am planted once again.


Mountains are impressive,

and trees are lovely,

but I think I’d rather be a prairie.




Whispers in the Wind

Whispering winds, why do you weep?
Wandering minds will wonder.
Weary will be, those whispering winds.

Ocean Breezes


The air smells like you today,

crisp and salty, fresh off the ocean,

and it makes me remember the days

when the cool sand  squished beneath our toes.

I can’t remember those days though,

when we were young,

the sky was clearer,

and the sand squished beneath our toes.

I can’t remember those days though

because the skies are greyer now,

and the ocean waves are rising to take away

that sand that squished beneath our toes.

And now the storms are moving in stronger

and the waves pull you in deeper,

and I have to remember to cling to that feeling of

the sand that squished beneath our toes.

I have to remember

those sunny days though

to get through those stormy days

when the air smells like you.


Stillness, quite, breathe.
To find peace in the chaos
is to be at ease.

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